Yes, You Can Make Art AND Money! (And I can help you.) As a photographer, you want to make beautiful art. As a boudoir photographer, you probably also want to make sure your clients have a great experience, while making them look and feel beautiful… And all of that is important to the goal of being a good boudoir photographer… But what about the goal of a growing a successful, satisfying, and sustainable business? To do that, you need to: Make your clients truly ecstatic. Make yourself stand out in the marketplace. Make time for your loved ones… and yourself. Make MONEY! If you struggle to make ends meet, if you can't find the "right" clients, if you feel lost when it comes to business, pricing, sales, and how to actually make a good living doing what you love...while still having time to spend with your loved ones... you NEED The "Shoot to Sell" approach.
~Natalie Kita~ Boudoir Photographer, Author, Speaker

What is The "Shoot to Sell" Approach?


It's a chance to elevate your business while staying true to your passion and achieving and maintaining a happy work-life balance.


It's a chance to learn from others who have achieved what you want (why re-invent the wheel?)


It's a chance to share and immerse yourself in invaluable information and strategies for making your clients ecstatic AND enjoying your most successful business possible.


I used to offer the Shoot to Sell Approach in classes and workshops, but after completing my first ebook and having worked more with private mentoring, I found these approaches to be not only more popular, but also more fulfilling and more effective in making changes in my students' boudoir businesses.


I truly believe (as do my students) that private mentoring classes are the best and quickest way to make substantial change in your photography business. Instruction is targeted to your specific needs, and it is 100% personal, hands-on instruction and problem-solving.


Private mentoring is offered in the areas of:



Literally nothing is as important in boudoir photography as getting posing right. Learn to flatter every body type, every age, every size; learn how to create huge variety in your shoots, and learn how to use your posing technique to substantially increase your sales. Posing is the foundation of great boudoir images.



Learn how to double or even triple your sales average while also doubling your client satisfaction. This is not a joke. This is literally the way it works when you understand what your client truly wants

and needs from you.



As artists, most photographers find there is nothing more challenging than pricing their work properly. I can help you overcome your blocks, figure out your true costs of doing business -- costs in terms of both time and money -- and create a pricing menu that will keep you growing and thriving instead of getting burned out and growing to hate the career you once loved. I can teach you how to price

for both passion AND profit.



These are the extra ingredients -- after posing -- that make up a successful session for both you and your client. Getting these areas right is key to having every single client leave your studio ecstatic with her experience as well as her images.



Learn the "little things" you can do to turn every client who walks through your door into a raving brand evangelist who does your marketing for you just by telling everyone she knows just how amazing you are, and how her boudoir session changed her life.



Learn the ins and outs, the minutiae, the stuff we like to avoid, but that makes your business run like a business. Contracts, planning, legalities, and more.



And, last but certainly not least...




Learn how to re-train your mind to make success a reality in your life, and to make it run on auto-pilot. Once you learn it, you'll be astounded at how simple shifts, applied consistently, will cause your business and your life to completely and permanently transform for the better. ****DON'T SKIP THIS STEP.**** Without fixing your mindset, nothing else you learn will "stick," and you will keep spinning your wheels in place, taking class after class, and puzzled why none of it ever seems to "work" for you.



Mentoring is available by the hour, by specific classes, or by class "blocks." Posing and lighting instruction must take place in person, while all other topics can be covered via Skype sessions if needed. See below for more info and to sign up.

"I just have to say that mentoring with Natalie Kita was one of the best decisions I have ever made!! I was very green before I attended the mentoring session and after the session I left being blown away with the level of information that Natalie shared with me which resolved most all of my questions on shooting boudoir photography at that time. Natalie did not hold back on providing lighting, posing and post processing information about Boudoir photography during our mentoring session – I mean she really shares a wealth of information. I left the session just being filled with loads of practical knowledge, some photos for my portfolio and most importantly for me inspiration. I am forever grateful to Natalie for the wealth of information and her passion for Boudoir photography. If someone is looking to take their Boudoir photography to the next level – then mentoring with Natalie Kita is one of the best investments you could ever make.”


Antoine Powell -- Cayman Islands


"I’ve invested in various workshops and mentoring sessions with other photographers in the industry, and although I’ve always gotten at least a little something out of them, I never felt like I’d really gotten a good return on my investment. Until I signed up for a mentoring session with Natalie. The return on my investment with Natalie was a game changer for my business, her mentoring literally paid for itself in the first client sale afterwards. Prior to working with Natalie my sales average was $1500 per client. Since our mentoring session my sales average has been a consistent $3500 and is growing! Natalie was very open and forthcoming with her information, super fun to work with, doled out the tough love where needed, and truly seemed excited and invested in helping me grow as a business woman. If your studio is a boutique model and you’re struggling with the business side of your photography work, pick up the phone and call Natalie!”


Susan Page -- Palmerton, PA

"Natalie is a goddess sent! I was struggling so hard with my business and didn't know where to turn when Natalie came to the rescue!! My mentoring sessions with her are worth MORE than their weight in gold!! She helped me break through my blocks and approach my business in a completely different way. Her techniques for everything from sales to posing to personal blocks (and more) helped me to look at what I was doing wrong and change my entire outlook on how to run a SUCCESSFUL boudoir business!! Although I am sure her coaching would help ANY business. Thank you Natalie from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, compassion and ass kicking that I needed! You are truly a gift and I am so grateful for your help and light that you bring to this world!!"


Agnes Fohn -- New York, NY



These classes can be taken in person (in Bear, DE) or via Skype/Phone/Email Mentoring. If private mentoring classes aren't the best fit for you right now, due to time and budget constraints, perhaps you could benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared in my Shoot to Sell Boudoir Posing Guide and The Naked Truth Boudoir Pricing Workbook.

 Class I: Double Your Sales Average (Private Instruction - 3 1/2 hours) If you are making less than $2500 per shoot, I can show you, in a series of surprisingly simple steps, how to double your sales average (or better!). It’s not just about pricing (though that is an important component). It is also about setting the stage for big sales from the moment of first contact. It is about presentation. It is about strategic communications and almost “magic” phrases you can use with your clients that get them primed to spend. It is about product offerings, marketing materials, and so much more. It is about realizing that the better you are at sales, the happier your client will be. It is about getting your mindset right, once and for all. Learn how to: •Run effective In Person Sales Sessions •Pre-Qualify Your Prospects to Attract Your Ideal Clients •Structure Your Price Menu in a Way That Drives BIG Sales •Start selling with the first phone call, without ever seeming "salesy" •Build value so price is much less of an issue •Give your client "permission" to buy big •Shoot with the sale in mind (THIS IS HUGE!) It's much easier to make more money off a client you already have than it is to find a new client. If you can work less and make more, why wouldn't you? Well, you CAN. And I will show you exactly how. If you take only one class, take this one. It will change your life. Investment: $400 ﷯  Sign Up Here: Double Your Sales Average  BEST VALUE: Sign Up For My Three Most Popular Courses! Includes 8 hours of intensive work and instruction on: "Pricing for Passion & Profit" "Double Your Sales Average" "Money Mindset Tough Love" **Scroll down to read more about each class. Investment: All three classes for only $900  Sign Up Here: All Three Courses


These classes can be taken in person (in Bear, DE) or via Skype/Phone/Email Mentoring.

If private mentoring classes aren't the best fit for you right now, due to time and / or budget constraints,

perhaps you could benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared in my ebooks:

Shoot to Sell Boudoir Posing Guide

 The Naked Truth Boudoir Pricing Workbook

 Class II: Pricing for Passion and Profit (Private Instruction Only - 2 1/2 hours) With some exceptions, photographers (like most creatives) are notoriously bad with the business side of running a photography business. The most difficult part for many, it seems, is pricing. Most photographers either blindly pick numbers out of thin air, or copy someone else’s pricing structure under the misguided concept of “being competitive." And the rest are just changing prices constantly and franticly, based on the whims of the (imaginary) “market” they think they are stuck in. If any of these sound like you, or if you are just struggling with how to price your services for any reason... I. Can. Help. You. If you’re willing to listen, learn, be honest with me and with yourself, and do your homework, I can guide you through a formula to figure out exactly what your real costs of doing business are, in terms of both time and money. From there, we’ll look at your income needs, your lifestyle goals, and your market realities. I’ll review your current pricing, plug in all of these factors, and we’ll come up with a customized pricing structure for your business. In addition, I’ll give you the tools to make your pricing menu into a living, breathing document that evolves along with your business. This course is offered as private tutoring only, as we will be working with YOUR price menu and customizing solutions for your business alone. This is life-changing, intensive business mentoring. Get ready to finally make your business work for you. Investment: $350 ﷯  Sign up Here: Pricing for Passion & Profit
 Class III: Money Mindset Tough Love (Private Instruction - 2 hours) Group Class is Wednesday, Feb 22, 10am-1pm Private Instruction by Appointment (private class is 2 hours) Money Blocks. We all have them. If you are not meeting your financial goals... If you feel you were meant to be so much more, but you just can’t seem to get there... If you feel like you are always taking one step up and two steps back… If you are suffering from the “feast or famine” phenomenon… Or worse, if you are sometimes thinking of giving up altogether, getting a 9 to 5, and relegating your beloved photography to “just a hobby” because you just can’t seem to make a living at it… YOU NEED THIS CLASS. Here’s the cold, hard (tough love) truth: If you can’t make a good living doing photography… The problem is not your market. It is not your geographical location. It is not your competition. It is not your equipment or studio (or lack thereof). It’s not even your lack of experience, or your disorganization, or your lack of formal training, or any of the things you think it is... What’s holding you back, then? It is YOU. More accurately, it is YOUR MONEY BLOCKS. In this class, I’m going to help you bust through your blocks and live the life you dream of. You will learn immediately actionable (mostly automated) steps you can take to change your relationship with money into a love affair that ensures your consistent success, and a life of abundance. Be prepared to have your beliefs challenged, maybe even destroyed, in this class… But trust me, there are way better beliefs waiting for you on the other side of your blocks - new beliefs that will replace the old ones and change your life for better and for good! Investment: $300 Investment: $300 ﷯  Create Your Own Workshop (Private Instruction Only: 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour options) Spend 2-4 hours of one-on-one time with me where we get down to the nitty gritty and work on whatever YOU need the most help with. I can help you with: Pricing for Passion and Profit Double Your Sales Average / In Person Sales Money Mindset Tough Love Marketing / Social Media Posing and Shooting for Big Sales Lighting Retouching Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe Investment Option 1: $200 for 1 hour Investment Option 2: $300 for 2 hours Investment Option 3: $450 for 4 hours Investment Option 4: $950 for 8 hours ﷯  Sign up Here: Money Mindset Tough Love  Sign up Here: Create Your Own Workshop