AN INVESTMENT IN YOU When choosing a photographer for something as special and intimate as boudoir portraits, there is so much more that comes into play than price: Do I feel comfortable and safe being vulnerable with this person? Can I count on my photographer as an experienced, full-time professional with a legal business? Do I feel confident in my photographer's talent and skill so that I can trust her to make me look and feel truly beautiful? Does my photographer's artistic style mesh well with my own aesthetic? That said, of course, for many people, the price of professional intimate portraits is still a consideration. So, we often ask the question, "How much does it cost?" I do not have a one-size-fits all answer for you to that question. There are many factors that go into determining your final investment in your gorgeous boudoir photos. The largest factors include: Is your session taking place in the studio? On location? In a luxury hotel suite or custom studio rental site? In another state? In another country? How many photos will you end up purchasing from your session? Once we have had a chat to determine your desires and needs for your sessions, I can give you a better idea of price. In addition, the online Fantasy Shoot Designer has detailed pricing information.* (*Prices in FSD apply to in-studio boudoir only. On-location/destination boudoir are structured and priced differently.) In short, the best way to get an idea of your investment is to give us a call (and perhaps even set up a complimentary consultation and studio tour). In the meantime, we can give you at least an idea of a starting point, by saying that our complete in-studio NKB Signature Boudoir Experience** (with session, hair and makeup) is just $500. **IMAGES ARE PURCHASED SEPARATELY, STARTING AT $150. We do, however, offer sampler and mini sessions with a lower starting investment. For full details, once again, we invite you to check out the online Fantasy Shoot Designer.                 I have never regretted the investment I made in my photos. I look at them every day, and so does my husband. I am beyond thrilled.[Anne from Avalon, NJ] Once you've experienced a boudoir photo shoot with Natalie, you'll never be the same. You'll have found a new confidence and sense of adventure, and a renewed passion for life, and a renewed connection with your inner sex goddess - which can lead to a renewed passion and connection with your significant other too! Boudoir can be a life-changing experience -- one that you don't want to trust to just anyone with a camera. You want a photographer who is sensitive, skilled, personable, professional, and 100% dedicated to making you feel like you're floating on a cloud when you see your pictures. You want the best. You want Natalie Kita. For more information, please download the Fantasy Shoot Designer and visit our FAQ page. Or better yet, call 302-365-5211 today to set up your photo shoot or complimentary consultation.

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