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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I wear?

This is highly individual and will be discussed in your pre-shoot phone consultation. In the meantime, please check out the Fantasy Shoot Designer for some fun and sexy ideas. Due to the nature of intimate attire, and differences in body types, sizes, and personal modesty levels, we highly recommend bringing your own lingerie. However, we do have some props and wardrobe items in the studio, including shoes, robes, corsets, and more. As a boudoir studio, we of course have staples like sheets/fabric, rose petals, beads/bling, boas & fans, etc., in several colors. If you are looking for something specific which is not listed here, please ask. If we do not have it (or do not have it in your size), you will likely need to provide it yourself. Again, in regard to clothing, you will look and feel best in something that is your own - something you have already tried on, so you already know that it fits and flatters you. If we do provide attire, in some cases, there may be an additional fee for cleaning the item(s) after your session.

How much does it cost?

Your investment in quality intimate artwork is an highly personal thing. The number of images you purchase, the format in which you receive them, and more, all go into determining your total investment in your luxury boudoir session and images with Natalie Kita. For more more information, please see the investment page of this website, or for more detailed information, please click here to schedule your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with Natalie.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES! Because Natalie wants every woman to be able to enjoy a truly luxury boudoir experience and the highest quality imagery, we offer several ways to pay: 1) We accept cash and all major credit cards, and any combination thereof. 2) We offer financing through Paypal Credit. There is a 6 month interest-free option, or take longer to pay if needed. 2) We offer in-house layaway plans up to 12 months for your image purchases. (Fees apply with this option, and no images are delivered until the account is paid in full.) 3) We offer a new plan called the Advance Reserve Program, which is sort of a layaway in advance to help you save and plan for your boudoir session and image purchase. (Call for details.)

What if I'm not photogenic?

A talented photographer truly can change your perception about whether or not you are "photogenic". 80% of my clients tell me they are "not photogenic," and it is always my pleasure to prove each one of them wrong. Proper strategic uses of lighting, camera angles, posing, wardrobe, makeup, props, sets, and a little retouching can help create gorgeous photos of any woman that she will quite simply fall in love with! Invariably, our clients are stunned to see how beautiful they really do look in their photos. Real women are NOT perfect...but here's a little secret---neither are models! They just work with really good photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and digital airbrush wizards... and now you can work with the same top professionals, all rolled into one, when you choose Natalie Kita for your boudoir or glamour photos.

Do you "Photoshop?"

Yes. In today's world, our eyes expect to see digitally enhanced images -- to the point that it's often actually distracting to the eye if images have not been edited at least a little bit. Our goal in retouching is to polish your images to magazine quality, but never to make you look like someone else. We'd be happy to further explain our retouching policy upon request and/or during your consultation.

What about hair and makeup?

The NKB Signature Camera-ready "Glamover," including both hair and makeup, is complimentary with all sessions. We understand the difference between makeup for every day and makeup for glamour photography. We know how the lights are going to affect your makeup, and we know how to create hair looks that will look beautiful in a variety of poses and that will last throughout your shoot. We highly recommend taking advantage of your complimentary makeover. If you really REALLY must do your own, we can't stop you, but we DO NOT offer a discount, as our makeovers are already complimentary, and experience has taught us that off-site hair and makeup work will mean more retouching work for us after the shoot.

How long does it take to get my pictures?

Depending on the products ordered, your availability for your Image Premier appointment, and the time of year, it will take anywhere from 2-6 weeks after your shoot to have finished photos in hand. If you absolutely MUST have photos in less time, there may be a rush charge applied to your order. Even with a rush charge, finished printed photos are not possible in less than 1 weeks' time, and finished digital photos are not possible in less than 3-5 days' time.

Will you put my pictures on your website or social media?

Absolutely not, unless you voluntarily give us your written permission to use your photos by signing a model release. All of our clients are given the opportunity to sign a model release (or NOT). If you don't sign it, we don't show, share, or post your pictures. Period. We would never violate our clients' trust, or risk our livelihood or reputation to use the photos of someone who wished to keep them private. There are plenty of ladies who love being on the website (or being featured as our "Hot Pic of the Day" on Facebook). We love it when you sign a model release, because it's helpful to other clients to see someone to whom they can relate. But we still love you even if you choose not to sign one.

Can I meet you before I book a shoot?

Yes, absolutely! Though it is not required, and many clients find it more convenient to handle consultations on the phone, Natalie is available for complimentary in-studio consultations (by appointment only) with a studio tour before reserving your photo shoot date. For out of town clients, the consultation can be done via Skype. (For ultra-luxury destination shoots, Natalie will come to you at your location at your expense (travel expenses and a small fee) for the consultation.

I'm nervous. How can I relax for my shoot?

Most ladies get over their nervousness fairly quickly once their session begins. We will spend time together talking, picking outfits and sets, and doing makeup and hair before we start taking photos. And we will do everything possible to make sure you're comfortable. 99.9% of women end up having the time of their lives at their photo shoot! Rest assured that you may reveal as little or as much as you want during your session. The shoot will be completely tailored to your personality, body type, and comfort level. Still unsure? Read what others have to say about their experiences with Natalie Kita Boudoir. We can even offer references if you'd like.

Do you offer shoots on weekends or evenings?

As with most other professional services, sessions are by appointment only, and NKB keeps regular business hours, Monday-Friday, as follows: Monday, 9:00am-3:00pm
Tuesday, 9:00am-4:00pm
Wednesday, 9:00am-6:30pm
Thursday, 9:00am-5:00pm
Friday, 9:30am-6:00pm Most clients take a day off (or 1/2 day) of work to enjoy their photo shoot. However, for those who are unable to do this, we offer appointments on ONE Saturday per month, on a first-come first-seved basis, with a $100 surcharge. Sunday appointments are not available.

What should I bring with me to my shoot?

This is highly individual and will be discussed in your pre-shoot phone consultation. In the meantime, feel free to check out our galleries as well as the Fantasy Shoot Designer for some fun and sexy ideas.

How should I prepare for my shoot?

First step: Get ahold of the Fantasy Shoot Designer for ideas, tips and tricks, checklists, and dos and don'ts for shoot prep. Then, when you book your shoot with your pre-shoot consultation, Natalie will give you more personalized advice on preparing for your shoot.

Do you photograph plus-sized women?

Yes! NKB loves curves! If you peruse our boudoir galleries, you'll find women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and skin tones. (Be sure to check our Studio Boudoir, Destination Boudoir, AND Before & After pages to get a better idea of the variety of women we photograph.

Do you photograph men and/or couples?

NKB is proud and happy to offer both couples boudoir (What better way to celebrate your love and spice things up?!), and male boudoir (aka, dudeoir or dudoir).* Everyone deserves to feel sexy and enjoy beautiful art.

Do I have to get naked for my shoot?

Of course not. You can wear lingerie, a swimsuit, even a sexy little black dress, silky pajamas, or anything else you feel beautiful and sexy in. Even if you do decide to go nude for part of your shoot, it doesn't mean you have to "let it all hang out". Most nude boudoir photography is done as "implied nudes", where you're technically naked but nothing is really showing because of the way your body, hands, or the way a bed sheet is positioned. Want some ideas for what to wear? Check out our photo galleries, and get your copy of the Fantasy Shoot Designer to start putting together ideas for the photo shoot of your dreams!

What is boudoir photography anyway?

Very broadly stated, the term usually refers to intimate portraits photographs of women, taken with one goal in mind: to capture the woman in a way that portrays her at her most beautiful, sexy, and glamorous. Styles can vary from the soft lighting and draping of classic boudoir, to the sensuousness of a Victoria's Secret layout, to the glossy, overtly sexy look of a quality men's magazine (think Maxim or Playboy), to a naturalistic "girl-next-door" approach, to the artistic feel of a starkly lit black and white gallery nude, to the playful "retro" pin-up style (i.e., the "Vargas girls") to the darkly erotic and provocative genre of fantasy and fetish photography...and don't forget how much fun some sexy pre-wedding bridal portraits can be as a gift for the groom! Natalie enjoys and employs bits and pieces from all of these styles, fusing glamour and boudoir into her work according to each woman's own vision for her photos. Natalie will talk with you and learn what it is you want your pictures to say as well as how you want them to look. She will find out for what and for whom the pictures are being taken, and work with you accordingly to achieve the desired result.

Why would I want to have a boudoir photo shoot?

Many women get these types of pictures done as a gift for a significant other, but many also get them just for themselves---to commemorate a certain time in their lives, or an achievement of some kind. Some people look at a boudoir session as a chance to recapture a lost part of themselves, boost their self-esteem, explore their sensuality, have an adventure, or simply to feel empowered. Some women just want to capture a moment in time...because let's face it, no matter how old we are right now, none of us will be any younger tomorrow! Some women are even looking for photos to spice up social media and online dating profiles, to try to break into glamour modeling, or to submit them to magazines for publication. It's up to you why you want these pictures done. It's up to your photographer to make them as beautiful as they can be! Either way, we all want and deserve to have something that makes us feel beautiful, sexy, and glamorous, don't we?

How does this all work?

When you decide to book a session with Natalie, she will take you through a pre-shoot phone consultation (or come for an in-person consultation if you prefer) to discuss wardrobe, makeup, props, and set-ups, and to schedule your shoot. During this consultation, you will be told what you need to do to prepare and what you should bring with you the day of your shoot. Your session fee is paid at that time as a non-refundable retainer to hold your shooting date. Your entire session fee is then applied toward any products ordered during your image premier and purchasing session.
When you arrive for your shoot, you will chat with Natalie to ask questions and express any concerns. Then the session will be planned and set up with regard to wardrobe, props, and sets, and you will head to hair and makeup. Your session will be totally private, and a separate private changing area will be provided for wardrobe changes upon request. Plan on spending a total of 5 hours in the studio for your session (except with Sampler or Mini Sessions).
1-2 weeks after your shoot, you will come in for your Image Premier to view, select, and purchase all of your gorgeous photos!

Can I bring a friend with me?

IF she is a supportive, positive, FUN friend (no Debbie-Downers or Christy Critics allowed!), then yes, you may bring a friend with you. She may remain in the room during hair and makeup and your concultation. However, due to space and liability issues, friends are not permitted to be in the same room we are shooting in. Also keep in mind that, with a friend in the room, instead of simply worrying about what you look like for the camera, you may also find yourself now concerned about what you look like from their friend's angle as well. For some people, this tension can makes posing more difficult and result in sub-par pictures. Of course, if you still want to bring a friend to feel comfortable, please make it a female friend. Boyfriends, husbands, or other male companions are NOT permitted on the shoot unless they are part of it. If you really want to do something with your friends or significant other, consider a couple's shoot (works with girlfriends too). *PLEASE NOTE that no cell phone photography or video recording is permitted during your session, and your photography reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the studio at any time for any reason.

I don't know how to pose. Will you help me?

Natalie does not expect you to be a professional model, and she will not just drop you in front of the camera and expect you to "wing it". Natalie will provide specific posing direction (and even facial expression coaching!) from head to toe for every single pose, to make sure that you look better than you ever thought possible in every all of your photos. If you do have specific poses you'd like to try, you're welcome to bring in examples to your shoots as inspiration images. In this case, Natalie will do her best to get as close as possible to the poses you like, while still adjusting them to flatter your particular body type, meet your flexibility level, and work with your chosen wardrobe and the available sets. All of this customization will ensure that your photos are uniquely you.

Where will my session take place?

The NKB studio is located in Bear, DE. Here is the approximate driving distance from surrounding major cities: From Wilmington, DE: 1/2 hour
From Atlantic City, NJ: 1 hour, 45 minutes
From Philadelphia, PA: 1 hour
From Arlington, VA: 2 hours, 15 minutes
From Baltimore, MD: 1 1/2 hours
From Washington, DC: 2 hours
From New York, NY: 3 hours Destination and location shoots are available worldwide. Please note that pricing and offerings are different for destination and location shoots. (Call for details.)

Why should I choose Natalie Kita as my boudoir photographer?

Natalie fully understands the insecurities that women have about our bodies, and how intimidating it can be to be photographed (especially when wearing very little clothing). She will do everything in her power to make sure you look fantastic and feel truly comfortable throughout the process. Natalie takes full advantage of the artistic flexibility that digital photography has to offer to help make your shoot a pleasant and rewarding experience. She has a unique understanding of posing techniques that are guaranteed to bring out your best features and camouflage those areas that aren't your favorites. As a licensed makeup artist, Natalie can also provide you with professional makeup designed to make you look your best on camera -- at a cost that is far less than paying for a separate makeup artist, with an even better result because she knows exactly what look your photographer is going for! And with her signature digital image processing, you can be airbrushed to the same polished perfection that is bestowed upon the world's top models! (You didn't really think they look that perfect in real life, did you?) Finally, Natalie is a woman with a mission - to heal the world through healing women's fractured selves. We as women spend so much of our lives being all things to all people, that we forget ourselves. We forget that we are allowed to be full, complete, multi-faceted human beings. We get to be both smart and sexy. We get to be both mothers and lovers. We get to be both strong and feminine. We get to be both serious and playful. We get to be coy, demure, brazen, seductive, soft, badass... And we get to take care of US, too -- not just everyone else.

Why are you more expensive than other photographers?

Why is a Mercedes more expensive than a Hyundai? Both are good cars, actually. But one gives you a look, a feel, and an experience that commands a higher price tag. You are purchasing a unique experience and a product that lasts a lifetime (longer, actually). The amount you invest in photography varies according to your photographer's experience, reputation, talent, equipment, training, and costs. Bear in mind that so much more goes into it than what you see -- For every hour of shooting time, there are at least 10 additional hours of editing, album design, ordering, packaging, email and phone consultation time, business administration tasks, and so much more. If you are looking for highly personal service and magazine quality images delivered by a leader in the industry, then you understand the value we offer at NKB. It's true that you get what you pay for. So treat yourself (and your special someone). You deserve it. We are not the most expensive boudoir photography studio around. However, we offer a luxury service. So, while we understand your desire for value, we never compromise the quality of our work just to deliver cheaper prices. Therefore, prices are non-negotiable.

How can I book my session?

I'm so glad you asked. The best way to make an appointment is to pick up the phone and call us at 302-365-5211. We'll be able to answer your questions, determine availability, and take your payment (for the retainer to book your shoot) right over the phone. That said, if you don't have time to call, or just prefer going the digital route for any reason, we are pleased to offer online booking. Please be aware that Natalie only accepts a limited number of clients per month, in order to give each client's session, editing, design and delivery the personal service and attention you deserve. Also, please keep in mind that certain times of year can get very busy. With this in mind, please call well in advance of when you actually need your shoot and photos.

I still have questions. How can I get answers?

You can give us a call at 302-365-5211 (best for complex/multiple questions, price quotes, etc.) or use our contact form for simpler questions. NEW: If it's during normal business hours, feel free to use the "chat" feature at the bottom right of the page. If we're not busy in a shoot, we'll get back to you ASAP.

Who will be there for my shoot?

During your shoot, only you, Natalie, and in some cases, a female assistant will be present. Natalie's assistant is present for some outdoor, on-location, or more complex shoots, and is always present for male boudoir sessions.