Updated: Jul 4, 2020

UPDATE: The gift card sale has ended... but the free gift is still available!

Hello, my lovelies!!!

I sincerely hope you’re staying safe, healthy, sane, and happy during these life-altering recent events.

I have been wracking my brain to come up with something special I can do during this time… and I have come up with a couple of ideas.

First, for those of you who don’t already know, in addition to being a photographer and makeup artist, I am also a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, and NLP practitioner. (among other things… what can I say, I am addicted to learning!)

I have used these skills to create a special hypnosis audio to help you boost and protect your immune system, and I want to give it as a 100% no-catch-no-strings-no-sales-pitch free gift to everyone who wants it and will get benefit from it.

All you need to do is create an account on my LOA coaching website (takes 5 seconds, tops), and I will give you this recording to download and use forever (or at least right now while all of this craziness is going on)

So, to do this, simply click on the link and enter your name and email to get access. (Yes, you may in the future receive a few emails from me… but as you already know from being on my mailing list, I am not a “blow up your inbox every day” kind of girl… and of course, you may always opt out at any time and still keep your downloaded audio session as my gift to you.)


Second, back to the subject of boudoir!

I have decided to do a sale unlike anything else I’ve ever offered.

Since many of my current boudoir sessions have been rescheduled, and since I am sure you (understandably) might rather not come in for a new appointment during this time of social distancing… and since I know everyone likes to save money and get free stuff (especially now!), I am offering…

The 20% off Buy-Now-Book-Later Gift Card Sale!

  • $5000 gift card for only $4000 (BEST VALUE - SAVE $1000!)

  • $4000 gift card for only $3200 (Save $800!)

  • $3000 gift card for only $2400 (Save $600!)

  • $2000 gift card for only $1600 (Save $400!)

  • $1000 gift card for only $800 (Save $200!)

  • $500 gift card for only $400 (Save $100!)

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy a gift card now, and only pay 80% of the gift card value.

  • Gift cards will be delivered electronically. (e-gift cards)

  • Use your gift card later to book your shoot for when this has all died down.

Terms & Conditions:

Gift cards are non-refundable. Gift card must be used in 2020 to get the promotional value. Any card presented after that time will be valid only for the actual amnount paid. Gift cards expire after Dec 31, 2021, subject to photographer’s availability and normal studio policies.

You cannot use your gift card in place of a session fee for a session you’ve already booked. However, if you do have a session already booked at regular prices, you may still purchase a gift card to use toward your image purchase from your session. **No double dipping. If your previously booked session was booked at a sale price, then the value of the original purchase sale promotion will be deducted from your credit under this promotion.**

This offer is not valid toward paying on pre-existing image purchase payment plans from past sessions which have already taken place. However, you MAY use your gift card to buy additional images from a previous session (IF your images are still on file in the studio… so please ask first.)

You can get your gift card by clicking one of the links below:

Buy a $500 gift card for only $400. (Save $100!)

Buy a $1000 for only $800. (Save $200!)

Buy a $2000 gift card for only $1600. (Save $400!)

Buy a $3000 for only $2400. (Save $600!)

Buy a $4000 gift card for only $3200. (Save $800!)

Buy a $5000 gift card for only $4000. (BEST VALUE _ Save $1000!)

PLEASE NOTE: I can only afford to offer a very limited number of gift cards at these prices, so it is possible this sale may end earlier than anticipated. The value here is HUGE, so don’t miss this boat!

Stay safe, stay well, stay hopeful, stay connected, stay positive, stay sexy! ;)