Do Boudoir for YOU

Why do women do boudoir photos? Is it always for gifting to a man? These are questions I’m asked a lot when I tell people what I do for a living. Here’s my answer:

Um, pardon my French, but… HELL to the no!!!!

As a long-time and full-time professional boudoir photographer, I’ve photographed a LOT of women in their underwear (and less). I’d estimate that about 60% of them come in saying they want to do the photos as a gift for their husbands or boyfriends. But the other 40%, like the gorgeous Ms. V, pictured here, are doing it solely as a fulfillment of personal desires, dreams, or fantasies.

These women want to treat themselves to something special… They want to experience what it’s like to embrace their sensual sides, to be a centerfold for a day… They also want something they can look back on in their old age, and say, “wow, look at me, I was hot!” They may be exploring their sexuality and trying to do things that push them out of their comfort zones. They may be celebrating and rewarding themselves for an achievement in fitness or weight loss. They may be looking for a confidence boost after going through a breakup. They may be commemorating a milestone birthday. The reasons are as individual and varied as the women themselves.

In fact, even the women who come in saying the photos are for the men in their lives, upon further discussion, reveal that it’s just as much — if not more so — for them. And that’s a beautiful thing.

And so I leave you with more photos of the stunning Ms. V., along with just a few more of the women I've photographed who've done their sessions just for themselves.

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